Our Family


Stanley Mackay (Grandad) planted his first banana crop in North Queensland in 1945 beginning a family tradition that has lasted 65 years.  Stanley Mackay pioneered the banana industry in Northern Australia and was awarded Australia's highest honour the 'Medal of the Order of Australia’ in 1985.  John and Robert (Stanley’s two boys) continue to develop the family business.  John and Robert's boys, the 3rd Generation - Gavin, Barrie, Stephen, Cameron, Daniel and brother-in-law Mark are together managing MacKays as it has grown to become Australia’s largest and most significant banana producer.

Our Locations

Nestled between Dunk Island on the Great Barrier Reef and the Tully Gorge World Heritage Rainforest are our 5 farming properties.  On our 3600 hectares around the small town of Tully in Tropical North Queensland, we receive Australia’s highest rainfall and hot, humid conditions year round.  Over the past 70, years we have found this Australia’s ideal environment for our 3 crops, bananas, papaya and sugar cane and our warm climate cattle.  Due to the logistics of presenting our produce in the ultimate state and condition nationally, we have facilities across the eastern seaboard of Australia from Tully itself, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Our People

As a family we are daily involved in the overall strategy and management of the operation but we owe an amazing appreciation to the 400 staff and their families who work with us year round.  We live in a paradise of tropical beauty but the labour and logistics of our operations often make the conditions trying and exhausting.  To all our staff we say thank you and are very proud of the friendly and co-operative team spirit you display to keep MacKays as a leader in farming in Australia.

Our Crops

Commencing with bananas, Grandad developed the banana industry in North Queensland which now produces over 90% of Australia’s bananas.  A constant desire to provide the best banana experience for consumers has resulted in the Smart Banana, a product exclusively grown and packaged by MacKays.

Sugar Cane has developed over the years to the stage where we are the largest supplier of sugar cane to the Tully Sugar Mill; arguably Australia’s most advanced Mill.  Crop rotation techniques and varietal strains together with a mountain of hard work have allowed this part of our business to solidly expand.

Reblo™ is our unique brand of red flesh papaya – relatively misunderstood in Australia due to consumers unfavourable experiences with yellow flesh pawpaw, MacKays goal is to provide our sweet creamy red flesh papaya and grow consumption through its great eating experience.  Reblo™ is currently enjoyed year round in Sydney and Melbourne.

Cattle is a passion among some family members so what started as a semi commercial hobby soon became a solid developing business.  Year round access to limitless feed and water along with careful stock breed selection has established an industry recognised herd.  Grass fed for superior flavour and managed in a stress less environment has given us both the taste and tenderness that a consumer desires.


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